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Surrounded by nature, Hakuba is popular for activities other than playing in the snow. Climbing is a very popular pastime in the Northern Alps, but mountain biking, skateboarding, SUP, and surfing are all available here year-round. We propose summer fun that connects to winter, focusing on the things that we actively engage in in our daily lives.


Summer activity MENU

July 9th-10th

You camp

A collaboration camp between Surf Skate Yow, where Kazushige Fujita is the ambassador, and Mukava, the campsite where Tomoki Fuse is the manager!

With the Hakuba Northern Alps behind you, cut the wind at Yow and enjoy time in nature at a private campsite in Otari Village. Enjoy a relaxing time by surf skating during the day and having dinner by the bonfire at night. Yow offers test ride boards that you can ride and compare as much as you like. Just like snow surfing, you can also enjoy choosing a vehicle depending on the situation and preference. With surf skating lessons designed by Kazushige Fujita, anyone will be able to feel the charm of turns and use gravity on their side!

schedule July 9th to 10th 1 night 2 days

placeHakuba Village & Otari Village Campsite Mukava

FeeAdults 25,000 yen Children 13,000 yen


New Zealand TOUR

On a tour of club fields in New Zealand, you can experience a different world from Japan. The club field, also known as a backcountry ski resort, is a small and wild snow field made possible by the contributions of club members. Since Fujita visited there in 2016 for a magazine interview, it has become a special place he visits every year until 2019..The culture that takes root in the area you encounter by chasing snow. Our local guide and Fujita will take you to a new world on a tour of spectacular field riding and New Zealand's unique culture.

Candidate date 

August 9th - 16th / 16th - 23rd / 25th - September 1st  6 or 7 nights on site

Flight example

Depart Narita 18:30 → Arrive Christchurch 11:25 the next day

Depart Christchurch 6:00 → Arrive Narita 16:50

FeeFrom 250,000 yen (excluding air ticket price) *If there are 4 participants

to the feeWhat's includedGuide fee, lift ticket, accommodation, transportation, meals

*For details, please contact us using the inquiry form.

​ *If we have enough people who want to participate, we will adjust the schedule and hold the event.

October 19th