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Kazushige Fujita

 A session to enjoy resort riding with Kazushige Fujita. His original style and world-class turn skills will amaze everyone. Copy the skill by sliding behind him. We also provide individualized technical guidance. In order to embody the idea of chasing snow, we do not decide in advance where we will ski. Ride at the perfect time and place for snow conditions.


7:30 Gather

8:00~11:00 Session

11:00~12:00 Lunch break

12:00~14:00 Session

14:00 Dismissal

*Meeting location will be decided on the evening of the previous day.

*Break times may vary.


・Experience Kazushige Fujita's live sliding right behind you

・Teaching turn techniques

・Advice tailored to individual skills

·Ski resortDiscover a new line of

Suggestions on how to ride according to each board

・Provide demonstrations according to your wishes

​Technical guidance as requested etc...


Recruitment resort session

¥ 16,000 (tax included)  / 1 person Capacity 5 people

Private private session

¥ 88,000 (tax included) / group

*Sessions will be tailored to suit your needs.

*One guest rider will be added depending on the number of participants.

​*Please fill in your desired date and number of people and contact us by email.

*If you are outside the Hakuba areaTransportation expenses will be charged separately.



Choose a location that suits your conditions from the Hakuba Valley member resorts


Held depending on the situation.​Requests for business trips etc. are also possible. Please contact us by email.

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