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A riding session where you can freely run around the slopes. The session supervised by Kazushige Fujita, a professional snowboarder who is active all over the world, will teach you riding skills and how to take a comfortable line on any terrain.We deliver content from throughout our home area, Hakuba Valley, tailored to the conditions of the day and the wishes of our guests.


Snowsurf Hakuba Pro Snowboarder

Kazushige Fujita


You can ski at a ski resort at any time, but the conditions vary greatly from time to time, making it difficult to know when, where, and how to ski.” will make a big difference in the fun of this game. By identifying the snow and terrain and learning the skiing style that suits each board, the fun of this game will increase many times..A specialist who knows everything about Hakuba's snow and terrain will guide you through the perfect routine for the day.

Riding session MENU

Kazushige Fujita
riding session

 A session to enjoy resort riding with Kazushige Fujita. His original style and world-class turn skills will amaze everyone. We will ski behind you, copy your skills, and give you personalized advice. Decide where to ski based on snow conditions. Ride in the perfect place at the perfect time. We also offer private sessions where you can hire Kazushige Fujita.

Price: ¥16,000 / 1 person  

Time: 7:30-13:30

Capacity: 5 people

​Technology: Ski the slope freely

​ Person in charge: Kazushige Fujita

Kazushige Fujita
Night riding session

Hakuba Goryu's night games are always clean. The moderately gentle slope is perfect for getting to know your board, and the compact wave park is full of smiles. The lifts, snow machines, and lighting powered by 100% renewable energy will make our skiing more pleasant. Carve turns on fresh, compacted snow burns that reset in the evening.

Price: ¥22,000 / 1 group

Time: 18:00-20:00

​Location: Hakuba Goryu

​ Person in charge: Kazushige Fujita

TOUR & SESSION schedule

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We are currently recruiting for various tours for the blank dates. We will hold tours/sessions according to customer requests.

To make a reservation, please select the tour content and date from the entry form below the calendar.

​If you have any questions, please contact us by email.

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