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This is a basic tour for those who are new to the backcountry or who want to reconfirm their basic knowledge. During the tour, you will receive beacon training and a course on how to use the equipment, followed by a 1-hour hike up and skiing. A tour where you can experience the charm of the backcountry and the necessary knowledge. We also have a variety of rental gear available.



・Hike time 1~2 hours

​・Sliding altitude difference 1000m or less

​・Slide through Hakuba's backcountry

Avalanche gear basic training

・Explanation of the mechanism and dangers of snow

How to use the correct gear and how to walk

・BackcountryTechnical guidance necessary for skiing

Features of Beginner Tour

・Safely supports your first backcountry experience

・Process that even people who are not confident in their knowledge or physical strength can participate in

・I have backcountry experience

I want to check the basics of the period.

・How to use gear correctly

I want to ask questions about basic knowledge about snowy mountains on-site.

・At least once to participate in the standard tour

Participation in the beginner tour is required


¥13,000~ / 1 person Capacity 10 people

Minimum number of people: 2 people

*1 guide for up to 5 people. If there are more than 6 people, we will add one tail guide.

rental gear

・BC​All set   ¥3850 yen (tax included)

・Beacons, backpacks, snowshoes¥1,100 each (tax included)

・Shovel, shovel, pole¥550 each (tax included)

If you would like this, please indicate it when making your reservation.



Choose a location that suits your conditions from the Hakuba Valley backcountry area

Things to bring list

  • A set of sliding equipment

  • Ski stickers or snowshoes

  • Elastic pole (snowboarder)

  • beacon

  • sonde

  • shovel

  • Backpack(To which skis and snowboards can be attached)

  • behavioral food(Easy to eat during breaks or during activities)

  • drink(We recommend warm clothing during the harsh winter months. Bring at least 1L of water with you.)

  • Quick-drying base layer(Synthetic or wool items)

  • Warm clothing(Put it in your backpack in case of an emergency, such as down or fleece)

  • goggles

  • sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

Schedule for the day

 7:30 Meeting

Understand the conditions and choose the field.

8:00 Move to field

If you are accessing from the ski resort, buy a ticket and use the restroom.

9:00 Basic training

After completing warm-up exercises, we will give a lecture on how to use beacons and how to behave in the backcountry.

10:30 Hike upstart

During the hike, take a 15-minute break every 30 minutes. There is no big lunch break, so recharge your energy with active food each time you take a break.

12:00 Skiing starts!

It's different from the slopes. Be sure to control your speed and ski according to changes in snow quality and terrain.

13:00 Depending on the field, you can go back up and have another one!

Take action while consulting your own physical strength.

14:30 Descending

Glide to the point where the car is parked.Let's stay focused until the end and go home.

15:00 Dissolution

Time will vary depending on conditions.

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