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We make chasing and skiing snow our purpose in life. As I continue to chase and ski snow, I have learned a lot from many scenery, encounters, and many moving experiences. Snowsurf, as we think of it, is more than just a type of skating. It refers to chasing snow and riding for that special, limited moment.We want to share the moments we love with as many people as possible. We believe that the blessings gained from chasing snow and facing nature enrich people's hearts. Riders who follow the ever-changing snow and ride the rhythm of nature are able to stop paying attention to the changes in the environment that are happening right before their eyes. Creating connected circles with snow is an essential part of our play. Without companions with the same aspirations, no challenge or evolution would be possible. Chasing snow with your friends and the excitement you experience together will create an unforgettable day for the rest of your life. Snowsurf Hakuba connects snow and people, creating time that gives people purpose in living in harmony with nature.



The Hakuba area, located in the northern part of the Northern Alps, which is known as the roof of Japan, stretches approximately 30km from north to south, and the mountains that can be seen from the city, which is approximately 700m above sea level, are 3,000m high, making it a magnificent field unlike any other in Japan. In winter, the humid air from the Sea of Japan is carried here by northerly winds from the continent, and the steep terrain is covered with dry, high-quality snow. Due to the moderate snowfall brought about by the exquisite sense of distance between the sea and the mountains, the Hakuba area has a variety of terrain and snow quality, from the alpine terrain where the rock surfaces unique to the Northern Alps can be seen and hidden, to the deep powder that accumulates in the beech forests of Satoyama. You can enjoy constant gliding. “Hakuba” is crowded with many visitors from Japan in winter.” is a place with world-class potential that is sought after by snow freaks around the world.


Skill up

 We believe that the value of the experience will increase by combining backcountry tours and ski riding sessions. Backcountry skiing on pristine snowy mountains that we guide is essential to the appeal of skiing, but it is also true that skill is required to enjoy it even more. There are places that anyone can enjoy, but there are also places that can be enjoyed only if you have the skills, and it is inevitable that you will hit that wall at some point. In order to support this, we not only provide backcountry guides, but also hold riding sessions on ski resorts.The snowy mountains of nature leave a lasting impression on us that no matter how much time we spend in our lives, we cannot fully enjoy them. We want to provide our guests with a better experience through their backcountry and riding sessions.

the team
Guide & Pro Rider

Snowsurf Hakuba was created by Japan's top-level backcountry guide ``Tomoki Fuse'' and professional snowboarder ``Kazushige Fujita'' who has a unique skiing style that is recognized worldwide. These two love chasing snow and skiing, and are always looking to break their own impressive records. Various expeditions continue steadily, from the steep slopes of Alaska to the volcanoes of Argentina, as well as domestically, and are featured in numerous media outlets. Above all, we can't imagine them coming out of this never-ending journey, but that's why we have the confidence to always deliver the real deal.


​Tomoki Fuse

Born in Tokyo, he spent his school days in the snowy mountains of America, and after returning to Japan, he found a job. However, he could not forget the snow and moved to Hakuba, which is on par with the mountains of the world. Currently, he is a top-notch guide and has contracts with numerous brands such as The North Face and MSR, and is highly regarded in Hakuba as a skier who goes into the snowy mountains more than anyone else. He is the representative of Snowsruf Hakuba and is in charge of backcountry guides.

JMGA Ski Guide Qualification Stage II

JMGA Climbing Guide Qualification Stage II

Shinshu mountain climbing guide

JAN Avalanche Worker Level 1

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Kazushige Fujita

A professional snowboarder who pursues snow surfing style. His unique riding style has been recognized around the world, and he is also contributing to the development of the industry through various creative activities such as video and photography. He has an athlete contract with The North Face, is a professional rider for Gentemstick, and is involved in development and promotion for numerous brands. Snowsurf HakubaDirector

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