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The easy session is recommended for snow surfers looking to improve their skills and people of all levels who want to enjoy cruising the slopes. We will also tell you about various basics from gear setting to turn basics and the basics of skill improvement. Participation is OK even if you are not confident in your physical strength. We promise you the best time according to your condition.



Gather at 8:00

8:00~12:00 Session

12:00 Dismissal

*Meeting location will be decided by the evening of the previous day.

*Break times may vary.


・Follow the riding of professional guides

- Suggestions for snow surfing lines and skiing

・Discover new charms of ski resorts

Technical guidance such as turns and tricks

・Providing technology and knowledge according to your wishes

・It is OK even if you are not confident in your physical strength

​・Respond to various questions


Hakuba Valley area

¥25,000 / 1 person

¥13,000 / 2 people

 ¥9,000 / 3 or more people

*One guest rider will be added depending on the number of participants.



Choose a location that suits your conditions from the Hakuba Valley member resorts


Held depending on the situation.​Requests for business trips etc. are also possible. Please contact us by email.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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